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Started in 2014

We are Jenny D'Anthony & Anna McLean, best friends who met almost 10 years ago on the Clemson Rowing Team.
Anna from the United Kingdom & Jenny from the United States known together as "United Row"

At Clemson we have alway been able to count on each other to pour their heart into every race whilst having a good time.

We've always had each others back, both on and off the water.
By fate or by luck we ended up living together in a small town in Arizona and from then on passion for adventure and challenge flourished.

Finding ourselves doing spontaneous adventures.. summiting mountains on repeat, cycling as far as our legs would take us all in 'mostly' high spirits and whacky 1/2 marathons.. our friendship thrived when we both realized we always say "YES!"

It was an inevitable "Yes!" to our next adventure, Rowing the Pacific.
Standing united, we are ready to conquer the pacific ocean together with your support.



Met on the Clemson Rowing Team






Much needed girls trip



Neighbors & adventure buddies



Launched United Row Corp



Time to conquer our dream. Begin 2,800 mile row across the Pacific Ocean

The Crew

Meet the United Row Crew

Anna McLean

Advisory Consultant
Venice, Florida

It all started because I wanted to follow in my brother's footsteps, unfortunately, the guitar wasn't an option, so rowing it was. I learned to row at Cheltenham Ladies' College and continued as part of the Women's Division 1 Varsity Team at Clemson University during college.

The dreams only got bigger, when in 2020 I rowed across the Atlantic in 43 days, 15 hours and 22 minutes becoming the first brother-sister team to ever row an ocean and the fastest mixed pair.

I knew the Pacific was next, and I am thrilled to be doing it with my best friend Jenny. Not only is she is an incredible woman, intellectually, and athletically but a reliable friend who I know is willing to put everything into making the Pacific a successful and record-breaking crossing. #UnitedRow

Jenny D'Anthony

Biomedical Engineer
Jackonville, Florida

It is still funny to me that I ever got into rowing in the first place and now am planning to row across the Pacific Ocean. I'll never forget the very first day I was introduced to the sport. On not more than a whim I decided I would try out for the Clemson University D1 Rowing Team as a walk-on. 

I had absolutely no idea what rowing entailed but figured it was worth a shot given my previous experience in cross-country, basketball, and track and my love for team sports and competition. I was quickly drawn to the sport and surprised myself with how quickly I was able to improve. I was so fortunate to be surrounded by such incredible teammates, Anna being one of them.

I knew if Anna was in my boat we were going fast. I knew if Anna was next to me on the erg it was going to be a battle. I knew if Anna was around we were going to have a good time. I was so incredibly inspired by Anna's Atlantic row that I simply could not pass up the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to row across the Pacific Ocean with my best friend. We stand united with each other, our cause, and our supporters as we prepare for our record-breaking row. #UnitedRow

United Row

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United Row is a nonprofit organization that seeks to raise funds for charity through extreme endurance events such as rowing the Pacific Ocean
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