Live At Sea

Picture this: it's day 20, and despite the soreness and exhaustion, you're surrounded by the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, feeling both isolated and connected. Just you and a friend on a small boat, facing the challenges of the sea. 

But amidst the hardships, there's a beacon of motivation: The 250 Club.

As you dive into the deep blue to clean the boat, you're greeted by the names of those who've joined this exclusive club. They're the ones who keep you going, who make this dream a reality. And now, you have the chance to join them, to be part of something extraordinary. The 250 club isn't just about support; it's about becoming a vital part of an incredible journey. So why wait? Join today and be part of the adventure!
Join the 250 Club

Thank you

Ahadi Empowerment Academy - Kenya

Alana & Joe

Alden Wheeler / Wheel & Fowl


Andrew McLean

Anna - Pelican Pointe



Aunt Donna

Auntie Cheryl


Bernadette Vida

Bill Betts

Brad & Laura Green

Brad Baker

Brooke Picazio

Burley's Gym

Cameron McLean

Charlotte Clark

Chet & Terry Sarnowski (VYC)

Chris & Carolyn Ellis

Chuck Snyder

Cliff Ellis

Cole McHargue

Concierge Cosmetics and Aesthetics

Cornelia Duffin

Courtney Green

Dane DeSantis

Dave Perkins

Dr Jian He & Ping Du

Erin McGarel

Flagstaff Trail Divas

Flo & Chris Minor

Franklin Margolis

Gary & Ellen

Gina - Aficionado Framing

Gitte Hojgaard Mouritsen

Glenda & Richard Fellows (VYC)

High Country Slabs - Flagstaff

James Kasmark

James Whayman - WildPress.Co

Jane & Mike D'Anthony

Jay and Shannon League-WIN Home Inspection

Jay Kasmark

Jennifer Raines

Jesse Lazarus

Jim MacLennan - Maker Turtle

Jimmy & Sharon Irby

Joan Joynson

Joel & Ann Adams

Joel Reynoles

John & Mike D'Anthony

John Holic

John Myers

Joseph O'Shea

Judy & John

Karen and Steve Callaway

Kathy & Mark Matthews

Leah Kavanagh-Lim

Leah Kavanagh-Lim

Leslie Wilder

Levon Kirkland

Marcus Beale

Mark Westervelt

Mark Wilner

Marvin Crues

Mary Ellen Kalkhoff

Mary Frances

Medtronic Young Professionals

Michael Scott

Michael Turillo

Nancy Stone

Neil Monaghan

Off-Trail Bike & Brew Venice - Casey

Oma & PopPop Heinz

Orange Whip Golf

Perfect Christmas Tree Farm

Pete & Jill Simmons (VYC)

Peter & Jennifer Robbio

Peter Simmons

Praveen Sharabu

Reflections in Gold

Ren Yurong 任玉荣

Rory Reagan

Rupert & SJ

Ruth & tom Pestorious

Sam Konduras

Sanjay Mahajan

Sharan Hildebrand & Fearless Sisters

Stacey & Tim - Clemson

Stacey Fowler

Stan Hudecki "Stan Alive"

Stephen & Redenta Picazio

Steve & Kathy Wirth

Steve Chihos - theBigRocks

Team Couples Therapy

The Gants

The Higgins Family

Tim & Carol Voegele

Tom Heinz

Tom Murray

Trevor Jenkins

Wendy North


United Row

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