Live At Sea

Rowing the Pacific Ocean

The Challenge

Race Start

Monterey Bay, California

Race Finish

Hanalei, Kaua'i, Hawaii

60 days

The crossing is expected to take us two months, however, this is all dependent on weather and ocean conditions. The average crossing takes 62 days.

2,800 miles

We will be rowing from Monterey Bay, California to Kauai, Hawaii.

1 boat

Everything we need to survive will be on board our boat, including our food, supplies, water maker, and safety equipment. Every 3 days we will need to jump into the ocean and clean the barnacles off the bottom of the boat to prevent drag.

2 women

Two, strong, fierce, go-getter women ready to conquer the Pacific Ocean

2 hour shifts

Keeping the boat moving 24/7 we will row in 2 hours on and 2 hours off rotating shifts. If conditions are tough, we will need to row together more often. This shift pattern means we will likely get no more than 90 minutes sleep at a time.


Sharks, dolphins, whales, fish.. you name it and we will probably see it.


Each estimated to burn around 10,000 calories a day, we must take highly calorific snacks and freeze dried meals. With big waves, it makes it challenging to boil any water, so we will most likely be using cold water, and leaving out food on the deck in the sun to heat up.


"Bucket and chuck it" - Say no more


Using a water maker powered by solar we will be able to desalinate water from the Ocean making it drinkable. It produces around 10 litres in 20 mins.

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United Row is a nonprofit organization that seeks to raise funds for charity through extreme endurance events such as rowing the Pacific Ocean
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